Berkshire Youth Percussion

I studied at the Reading Music Centre (RMC) for several years, playing kit, tuned, Latin and hand percussion for the following ensembles:
  • Holst Senior Brass band.
  • Senior Percussion Ensemble.
  • Reading Music Centre Concert Band.
  • Berkshire Youth Percussion Ensemble.
These ensembles play a mixture of Latin, jazz, soul and classical genres.  We performed at various functions around the county and through the holidays. This included overseas performance and as part of this I toured the Rhineland, Germany in July 2013.

I was invited to join the Berkshire Youth Percussion Ensemble (BYPE) in 2011. Its members included advanced Academy students taken from all the Berkshire Maestros Centres across the county.  We performed in various styles including world music based pieces with a strong percussion component.

As a member of BYPE I performed at The Anvil, Basingstoke, the Hexagon, Reading, the Beck Theatre Hayes and for HM the Queen at the Diamond Jubilee Garden Party celebrations in Henly-On-Thames in the Summer of 2012.  We also performed with various other groups such as the Ascot Brass and Signature Acapella Singers.

Rock Workshops

In addition to my drumming lessons in 2004 I joined a rock band at the Reading Music Centre Rock Workshop.  We rehearsed regularly, arranging and playing cover versions of rock and pop songs.  As part of this we performed regularly at end of term concerts both for parents and at RMC Open Days as well. At the end of each summer term the teachers arranged for us to play in a proper venue, with a stage, PA system etc to get us used to playing more professionally, including South Street Arts Centre, Reading, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell and Plug and Play Studios in Reading.

Over the years I played numerous covers from various groups including Nirvana, Jet, Reef, Velvet Revolver etc.  In addition to the time I spent at the Reading Maestros Music Centre I also performed at my school's concerts, as well as being the House Band Drummer for the last two school productions of Hairspray and We Will Rock You.

I am now working at The Rock Project teaching kids and seniors how to play drums and putting together performances.