About Black Emerald...

I successfully auditioned to play with Black Emerald in February 2012, joining Edd Higgs on lead guitar and vocals, and Simon Hall on vocals and bass.  Black Emerald perform around the country, and are a regular feature on underground metal radio stations and Youtube channels across the world.  Our style is a mix of Stoner and Doom with a progressive and heavy beat, influenced by early Black Sabbath and Clutch, but we can throw in some Jimi Hendrix, The Melvins and a number of other bands for good luck, but most reviewers have said that our style is unique.

We recently released our first album, Hell Can't Handle All of Us to really great reviews - check them out here.  And off the back of the album release we have recently signed to one of the largest Rock and Metal Management agencies in the UK - Enso Music Management.  You can find out more about Black Emerald on our web page and our Facebook page. 

We have played the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air and have been asked back to play at The Fire and Forge Rock Diabetes and Facebarmaggedon festivals  We've just come off an album release tour and have a host of gigs up and down the country lined up.

We've gigged with a number of really great bands like All At Sea UK, Beholder, Cambion, End Of Salvation, Evil Scarecrow, In Search of Sun, Karybdis, Metaprism, Svolk, Triaxis, Warlord UK and Witch Tripper My involvement, apart from drumming includes working with Edd on writing and recording (rhythm elements) and assisting with production work. 

Check out some videos of the band from the last couple of years: