My kit is a PDP X7, with 5 toms, (8"x7", 10"x8", 12"x9", 14"x12" and 16"x14"), and a 14"x5" snare. I have two PDP timbales, 8" and 10", on the kit, along with a Piccolo block and two cowbells. I used medium duty PDP stands, as they're an excellent balance of stability and portability. I have a Mapex P500TW bass pedal and a DW9002 double bass pedal.  I also have a DW 13"x7" snare drum.

I also have a Roland T12 electronic kit for teaching and practice.

For cymbals, my personal preference has always been Sabian, as it is what the generally use at my Music Centre, and through the years I've been playing, I have added and upgraded my cymbals which are now:

-10" HHX Evolution Splash
-13" AAX Fast Hats
-15" Paiste Hats
-14" AAX Crash
-15" AAX Mini China
-16" AAX Dark Crash
-17" HHX X-Plosion Crash
-19" HHX X-Plosion Crash
-20" HHX Zen China

I also have a set of drum mics, lighting rig and stands.